Friday, May 24, 2019

Basic Tips for Accordion Beginners

It is a common misconception that all accordions are the same. This is despite the fact there is a wide array of choices available for accordion beginners. This is because some of them are better suited for beginners than others.   Getting to Know the Accordion Before we begin, it is vital that you familiarize yourself structure of the instrument itself. This is pretty basic. After all, it would make little sense for you to purchase a musical instrument that you do not understand, even on a rudimentary level. An accordion is made of several different parts and all of them are crucial in terms of how the instrument is able to produce sound. It would serve you well to remember the following components and their purpose for the accordion.
  • Melody Keys – These are the most prominent buttons on the accordion itself. This is the keyboard part of the instrument and they are pretty hard to miss. The keys work pretty much like piano keys but instead of hitting strings to produce sound, they depend on the wind provided by the player’s breath.
  • Bellows – This is one of the most memorable elements of the accordion. It gives the instrument the cartoon-like appearance that makes the accordion so distinct. The bellows are essentially the folds that allow the instrument to expand and contract accordingly.
  • Harmonic and Base Air Valves – These buttons serve their own purpose but they all essentially work the same way. They provide air a means to escape and gives the player the ability to adjust the tone of the sound.
  • Right Hand Strap – Serving as the primary strap of the instrument, it helps you secure it onto your chest.
Accordion Types Now that we have an understanding of the basic components of an accordion, we can then proceed to examine the different types. As stated earlier, there are variations in design and size that should be taken into consideration. Additionally, one’s choice is also heavily influenced by the person’s size and age as children, teens, and adults will need to choose an accordion that is appropriate for their size. For instance, we highly recommend that children start with smaller accordions. Coincidentally, these also have fewer keys and buttons compared to other accordion types. If the child is really young, we suggest that they start with an accordion that has 12 bass keys and 25 treble keys. This type of accordion gives them full control over their instrument. Meanwhile, teens and adults can start with an accordion with 48 bass keys and 26 treble keys. This is the best choice for beginners as these accordions are pretty light weight. This gives you ample time to adjust to the instrument while also ensuring that you are able to play with ease. Advanced accordion models allow musicians to use more professional audio equipment. This article seeks to help readers with this particular conundrum by providing a basic guide to selecting an instrument. It presents everything you need to take into consideration before making that first purchase. Remember, the road towards accordion mastery will definitely be affected by the type of instrument you choose.

Basic Accordion Care

Accordions, like all musical instruments, require a bit of care from their owners. This is necessary if you wish to keep playing it for the foreseeable future. Listed below are a few of the things you need to do...